Imagine a season which has been the closest in decades. So close in fact that the top 4 teams: Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City all finished with the same amount of points, the same amount of goals scored, the same amount of goals conceded and the same amount of games won, drawn and lost.

When this situation came close to happening before, the Premier League chose to have a play-off game, however this is a World Cup year (just imagine), so there isn’t time. The Premier league has instead decided to let every fan in the country vote for which team they think should win the Premier League.

But they are not sure which voting system to use, so they run 2 votes to see if it makes any difference to the outcome.

The first one is the same as the current voting system we use to elect our government (first past the post). Everyone has 1 vote and votes for their favourite team that season.

Now as we know, most easily influenced teenagers currently picks which team to support by looking at the top of the table to see who is there. As Manchester United has been consistently at the top they have the most fans. So here are the results:

Manchester united: 35 % of votes

Liverpool: 30% of votes

Arsenal: 20% of votes

Manchester City: 15% of votes.

So Manchester United is crowned champions of the Premier League because they received the most votes.

However, a lot of rich foreign owners are in uproar about this, because although they got the most votes, the results didn’t fairly represent the majority of fans.

For example 35% of people voted for Manchester United to win the league, but 65% of people didn’t vote for them to win.

So the Premier League decides to use the AV vote that is currently being suggested as the way to vote for our Government.

This way each fan gets 4 votes and can mark in preference the team they think should win the league. So firstly they will pick the team they support, then they will most likely vote for the team they kind of like and wouldn’t mind winning the league if their team doesn’t.

In this system, to be able to win the league you need to get 50% of the votes. So after the first ballot no one wins the league - remember the results:

Manchester united: 35 % of votes

Liverpool: 30% of votes

Arsenal: 20% of votes

Manchester City: 15% of votes.

Under AV, Manchester City is now removed from the voting, and all the second votes from their fans are now added to the teams’ original votes.

Unfortunately, Manchester United didn’t fare so well this time as they are a rival of Mancherster City. City fans are also very bitter towards Arsenal, who didn’t pick up a single second vote so the results now read:

Manchester United: 40%

Liverpool: 40%

Arsenal: 20%

However, there is still no winner as no one has reached 50% of the votes. So we are onto the 3rd round of voting. This time Arsenal have been eliminated, and the second choice of Arsenal fans are added to either Manchester United or Liverpool, should they have cast their second vote for them and the 3rd choices of Manchester City are also added.

Arsenal fans, still bitter towards Manchester United for knocking them out of the FA cup decide not to vote for them. Plus all the Manchester City fans that didn’t put Liverpool down as their 2nd choice definitely put them down as their 3rd as they passionately hate Manchester United. The new results read:

Liverpool: 60%

Manchester United: 40%

So it is decided, Liverpool win the league by gaining over 50% of the votes!

All seem fair? Well Alex Ferguson isn’t happy. He says that Manchester City fans know nothing about football, and have only turned up for the games now they have stupid amounts of cash to spend! He says why, if they were voted for last, should their second votes be so influential.

Arsenal fans are also not happy with the outcome, and whine a lot about it - nothing new about that, so the FA ignores them.

The Premier league is in a quandary, what should it do? Well your vote today will decide a similar matter. To answer a few questions: if, after all rounds of voting 50% isn’t reached, the team with the most votes still wins. Plus you don’t have to choose 4 teams, you can just choose 1, but if you were tactical Manchester United fans could have chosen Arsenal as their second favourite to help balance out the second result.

In Summary, if you want Manchester United to win the league (again), vote no today. If you hate Manchester United like most people do, vote yes today!

DISCLAIMER: Supporting or hating Manchester United will not actually influence todays referendum result.